Thursday, January 7, 2010

Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids – Which should I choose?

Okay, Everybody! I’ve decided to take the plunge. It is Thursday now. This coming Saturday, the 9th of January 2010, I am going to get my long hair cut off. I will donate it to either Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids. Both organizations provide wigs for kids who lost their own hair due to cancer, burns, or that incurable disease called Alopecia Areata.

My hair is below my waist now. I believe I will have it cut to shoulder length. They need at least ten inches or twelve inches. They will be getting more than that, I think.

Years ago, I had hair down to my knees. I had my hair cut off to about shoulder or mid-neck length. I gave 26 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids that time. Since I already donated to them previously, I may just default to Locks of Love. I will not be sending it off right away as I will need time to let it dry completely before mailing. So I would love to hear any feedback from people who have experience with either organization.

My hair grows pretty fast. What I have now constitutes about 6 years of growth. It grows about 6 or 7 inches a year. I will definitely post an after picture once I have this done.

I think my husband is pretty happy. Even though he loves me unconditionally, he likes me better with short hair. For one thing, I won’t keep shedding little nests of hair around the house and in the tub. For another thing, he thinks short hair makes me look younger.

I will kind of miss the braids. They are my trademark as a storyteller. But this is for a very good cause. I am all about helping a child with potentially low self-esteem feel better about him or herself.

Please share your ‘cutting hair’ stories as well. Have a great day, Debbie

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