Monday, November 30, 2009

K-Designers can build you a new home at your old address

K-Designers can build you a new home at your old address. That would be a great option. I just finished watching one of those “Extreme Makeover” shows where they come in with a demolition team, tear down the house, and re-build it in 6 or 7 days while the family vacations somewhere. Now I’m not sure that people would want to tear their home up down to the studs on a regular basis, though I suppose that would be an option with K-Designers. It is interesting to visit their website and see the before and after pictures.

Terry Bradshaw hosts his Winner’s Circle show. He featured K-Designers on You can watch the video at this link: . The picture I included shows Larry Judson, the president and CEO of K-Designers. He and Lee Judson started the company back in 1978 with only four employees in Casper, Wyoming. As reported on this video, more than 25 years later, they are the fourth-largest home remodeling company in the country.

K-Designers will custom design your home to make it look just the way you would like it to look. That is a great option. Let’s say you had your home built twenty or thirty years ago. You would have, of course, used materials and designs popular in that time period. Then, as the years passed, you learned of better designs and features that you would dearly love to have. If you are anything like my husband and I with only four years left to pay on our mortgage, we are not about to pick up and buy a new home. With the thought of living mortgage-free in only four years, I can see the real benefit of having a company like K-Designers come along to spruce up your existing home with features that were not possible or available back when you first bought your house.

They have eleven branch locations in the western part of our country. Their four employees have expanded to over 900. So for the lucky people who live out where one of the branches where K-Designers is located, you might want to consider sprucing up your home as well with custom-design work by the personnel at K-Designers.

Eyeglasses makes such a difference in how we view the world

Eyeglasses makes such a difference in how we view the world. I did not have to use glasses until I was in fifth grade. The teachers noticed that I was squinting when I tried to see the chalkboard. This was quite a surprise as no one else in my family needed to use glasses. I think it’s because my parents would make me go to bed so early, I was not sleepy. Therefore, I would grab my handy flashlight and read until I got tired enough to sleep. I most likely strained my eyes.

Back in 1968, when I had to get my first pair of glasses, they did not have a very good selection. The glasses I got were not becoming to my face. I would have given anything to have a company such as who has a huge selection of frames to choose from. Additionally, if my grandmother had a company to shop at when she got her glasses, perhaps she wouldn’t have gone for years wearing those unbecoming cat-eye frames. Plus, since she was somewhat of a shut-in in her later years, the convenience of being able to order the frames on the internet would have made a huge difference in her life. It would have been great for me as well. Of course, back when I was young, they didn't have such a thing as computers.

Check out the picture I included from their website. That’s how I felt when I finally put my first pair of glasses on. It was amazing. I could see individual leaves on a tree as opposed to just a blob of leaves. I could read the board. I could see movies. I could make out the fine details of our black and white television that we had for years and years. Having eyeglasses that were the right prescription for me made such a huge difference of how I viewed the world.

Sak Narwal has a passion for fishing

There are many people who enjoy fishing. Sak Narwal doesn’t just enjoy it. Fishing is his absolute passion.

I wonder when Sak Narwal developed this passion? Was this something that happened when he was a young boy? My husband tells me that when a father takes his son fishing, it is like a ‘right of passage’. He and I went to Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park and saw a boy of about eight and a close family friend sharing the joys and pleasures of fishing. They ended up catching a small carp. It was fun to watch their intense concentration as they watched for some fish to catch hold of the line. I actually took a video of the fish he caught. The boy’s name was Cameron. I named the video “Cameron Catches A Carp.” If you want to see it, click on the video title. The photo shows Cameron and the neighbor as they fish.

I can just imagine Sak Narwal as a young boy catching a fish under the careful guidance of his father, his uncle, or perhaps a grandfather. Since I love alliteration, we could call the experience:

* Sak Snags a Salmon.

* Sak Spots a Spotted Green Puffer

* Sak Shows off his Sunfish.

Since his full name is Sak Narwal, let’s get some alliteration with his last name as well.

* Narwal Notices a Neon Tetra

* Narwal' Notes a Northern Mountain Swordtail

* Narwal’s Norman's Lampeye

Are there other fishing enthusiasts out there? If so, please share about what age you were when you first started fishing. Who taught you to fish? What kind of fishing pole did you use? What kind of lures? Do you have a good fishing tale to share? I’d love to hear it.

Steve Stevanovich supports the work of the Stevanovich Center

Steve Stevanovich supports the work of the Stevanovich Center. The Stevanovich Center is located on 5734 S. University Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the University of Chicago campus.

The Stevanovich Center will soon have a new home and a new look. Check out the picture to see a sketch of what this center will soon look like, as endorsed by Steve Stevanovich. I love the look of the brick facing - especially the view that shows the bay windows. I wonder, when Steve Stevanovich looks out those windows, what view will he be seeing? Is the view and the building exactly the way he envisioned? Will the view and the building also match the vision of the other people who also support this center?

As you can see from the many windows on this sketch, there are multiple rooms in this center. That is a good thing since this building hosts workshops and conferences. It also publishes papers.

Their website indicates that researchers can visit this University of Chicago building to work together, meet each other, and discuss topics of a mathematical, statistical, and economic nature. They can also hold debates and panel discussions about these various financial mathematics subjects. Additionally, they can also meet and discuss some of these topics with Steve Stevanovich himself.

It will be interesting to someday see a picture of the finished building to match against this sketch.


The Stevanovic Center for Financial Mathematics

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Ten Tips to Help Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

One of the fun challenges about writing is that there is always room for growth and improvement. It is an on-going process that can benefit from the passage of time and practice. Here are ten tips that might help improve your creative writing skills.

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