Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chest of Drawers for Debbie’s new Storytelling and Writing Office

As I await our handyman tearing out the sinking floor boards in the room that will be my new office, I am having fun dreaming about the ideal chest of drawers to replace the built-in chest of drawers that allow in mice and wooly caterpillars.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know more what I am talking about. I live in a small log cabin in the country. The compact room that currently holds two of my computers, a built-in bed, two build-in chest of drawers, my clothes, and a bunch of other stuff sinks. You sit down in the computer chair and roll down a small hill. Then you have to laboriously drag the chair back up that small hill so that you can be positioned in front of a desktop computer.

Joy of all joys, sometime very soon, our handyman and his helper plan to tear out the floorboards and put in a new level floor. I am so excited. Currently, I do most of my computer work on a laptop computer in our TV den as I find the other room so uncomfortable and claustrophobic. But once that room gets re-done, I plan to do all my computer work in there from now on.

One of the key features that thrills me is that they will have to tear out the build-in bed that is nearly impossible to make and the two built-in chest of drawers that allow mice and wooly caterpillars in. To compensate, I have to place my clothes inside plastic bins inside the drawers. To keep the clothes from getting that stuffy smell, I put a bunch of dryer sheets inside of each bin; however, it still doesn’t always work. Just the other day, I opened the drawer to find the covers of the plastic bins covered with mouse droppings.

Needless to say, I will be so glad to be able to purchase my dream chest of drawers that is free-standing and mouse free. The chest of drawers pictured is perhaps the very one I may decide to get. I am still in the shopping around and dreaming state. Once they actually begin the work, then I will get really serious about picking out the ideal chest of drawers for me. I am hoping they will manage to get the room re-done in time for Christmas. Then the chest of drawers will be my Christmas present from my husband to me and from me to me.

Cross your fingers for me, please. It will be so nice to have an office that will be pleasurable to do my storytelling and writing work. So some people may be dreaming of a white Christmas. As for me, I am dreaming of a flat floor, a free standing chest of drawers, and an office perfectly designed to take advantage of the available floor space. See the picture below for how the office will be arranged once it is finally complete.

Have a wonderful holiday! I hope your holiday helps you fulfill some of your special wishes and desires as well.