Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bozo the Clown Memory

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Does anybody remember Bozo the Clown? My husband and I were driving home from a restaurant and he shared with me an anecdote he heard from his first wife. As a little girl, she recalls watching him on TV once. He had selected a little girl from the live audience and was doing his routine with her. She apparently said a little more harshly than I will write, “STUFF IT, Clown! You’re not funny anymore!” The first word of her quote was a lot less polite sounding than what I wrote – not that what I wrote is polite.

All of a sudden, an old memory came drifting back that I had not thought of in years. I am 51 1/2 now. This happened when I was 11 or 12.

When I was in the sixth grade, my Girl Scout troupe went to be in the audience of a Bozo the Clown television show that was on live TV. Bozo selected me to do his little routine with. I have this vague memory that he made me put on this wool, navy blue blazer such as a man would wear. Then I think he put me in a headlock. I was so embarrassed as I strongly suspected it would ruin my hard-won status in my K-6 elementary school. I prayed that nobody that I knew was watching the show that day.

Of course, many of them did watch – simply because they had heard we were going to be in his audience. I think I blocked the memory out until all these years later.

Does anybody else have a Bozo the Clown or some other kind of clown story to share?

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