Friday, December 11, 2009

My White Reindeer book soon to be published

Hey, Blog readers, I am so excited! My publisher finally came up with the book cover for my book that is soon to be published. My book, written under my pen name of DJ Lyons, is entitled White Reindeer, Kudzu Monster, & Other Tales of Wonder. I am very pleased with the cover they came up with.

I really did have a white reindeer show me the way to safety get down from a mountain that I sort of accidentally – on purpose climbed when I was 21 and on a college abroad in Norway. I was not able to get a picture of that very majestic reindeer that might have actually been an angel in disguise. When I knew I wanted to get this book published, I found a reindeer farm in Scotland that I contacted. They sold me this picture of a white reindeer named Dapple. They actually have reindeers that you can adopt/sponsor. Check out their website to find out more. Here’s the link to my page that links to their page: Adopt a Reindeer

My book is due to be published in the next few days. I am so excited! If you want more information, you can visit my white reindeer website.

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