Monday, November 30, 2009

Steve Stevanovich supports the work of the Stevanovich Center

Steve Stevanovich supports the work of the Stevanovich Center. The Stevanovich Center is located on 5734 S. University Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the University of Chicago campus.

The Stevanovich Center will soon have a new home and a new look. Check out the picture to see a sketch of what this center will soon look like, as endorsed by Steve Stevanovich. I love the look of the brick facing - especially the view that shows the bay windows. I wonder, when Steve Stevanovich looks out those windows, what view will he be seeing? Is the view and the building exactly the way he envisioned? Will the view and the building also match the vision of the other people who also support this center?

As you can see from the many windows on this sketch, there are multiple rooms in this center. That is a good thing since this building hosts workshops and conferences. It also publishes papers.

Their website indicates that researchers can visit this University of Chicago building to work together, meet each other, and discuss topics of a mathematical, statistical, and economic nature. They can also hold debates and panel discussions about these various financial mathematics subjects. Additionally, they can also meet and discuss some of these topics with Steve Stevanovich himself.

It will be interesting to someday see a picture of the finished building to match against this sketch.


The Stevanovic Center for Financial Mathematics

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