Monday, November 30, 2009

Eyeglasses makes such a difference in how we view the world

Eyeglasses makes such a difference in how we view the world. I did not have to use glasses until I was in fifth grade. The teachers noticed that I was squinting when I tried to see the chalkboard. This was quite a surprise as no one else in my family needed to use glasses. I think it’s because my parents would make me go to bed so early, I was not sleepy. Therefore, I would grab my handy flashlight and read until I got tired enough to sleep. I most likely strained my eyes.

Back in 1968, when I had to get my first pair of glasses, they did not have a very good selection. The glasses I got were not becoming to my face. I would have given anything to have a company such as who has a huge selection of frames to choose from. Additionally, if my grandmother had a company to shop at when she got her glasses, perhaps she wouldn’t have gone for years wearing those unbecoming cat-eye frames. Plus, since she was somewhat of a shut-in in her later years, the convenience of being able to order the frames on the internet would have made a huge difference in her life. It would have been great for me as well. Of course, back when I was young, they didn't have such a thing as computers.

Check out the picture I included from their website. That’s how I felt when I finally put my first pair of glasses on. It was amazing. I could see individual leaves on a tree as opposed to just a blob of leaves. I could read the board. I could see movies. I could make out the fine details of our black and white television that we had for years and years. Having eyeglasses that were the right prescription for me made such a huge difference of how I viewed the world.

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