Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My home office is nearly ready for my wonderful computer desk

I am so excited! My excitement is slightly tempered is the job is not quite finished yet; however, soon, hopefully, it will be.

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you'll know that I was going to be getting my home office renovated. The room bowed to the center. We planned to have the current floor removed and replaced with a new flat one. We figured that it bowed toward the center as the ground underneath our log cabin had shifted. Instead, removing the current floor revealed that the logs holding up the floor were broken. I could actually have fallen through the floor one day. Wouldn't that have given me an interesting story to tell?!!

Once upon a time, a woman walked into her office, intending to work on one of her computer desks for home use. I have three computers and three computer desks, by the way. As she walked toward the computer in the far left corner, she heard a squeak and then a creak. Suddenly, her husband could hear a crash and a scream. He rushes to the room to see his wife half in the room and half out. The floor had given way.

The critters, who lived underneath the house, all scattered at the cacophany. But as the dust settled, they all began to head toward this new-found entrance into the house they coveted. Before too much longer, a possum, a skunk, a rabbit, a squirrel, a stray cat, and a raccoon all made their way into this room that had now become part of her territory.

The critters lived happily ever after. The husband and the wife had to move out.

Okay, halt! Hold everything! Let's get back to reality. Instead, the two handymen, discovered the culprit. They have torn out the floor. They are currently working on getting it ready to place a new and prettier floor down. Then Debbie, that's me, can get back to using that room for storytellign and writing purposes.

If you wish to see the pictures of the construction, I have pictures galore posted on Here are the links of the before-look and the first 7 days of construction. I can hardly wait until they are finally done!

By the way, one more amusing anecdote about critters before I go. This past weekend, my husband and I had to shovel up all the debris before they could carry on with their home office renovation work. We shoveled up enough junk to fill five outdoor garbage bags. We had to double-bag them to make certain the debris would not come through. There was one chunk of cement about the size of a small grapefruit that I personally carried outside to throw toward the pile of old flooring that will be one day be carted away. There are two dogs who live in the house behind us who feel like they own our yard. They gobble up any leftovers we put out for the critters. They saw me walk out the back door for the sixth time. They saw me throw something toward that pile. They assumed it was food and raced each other to the pile to gobble it down. I can just imagine the "French" they were speaking to each other when they discovered it was only cement. I took pity on them and found some more leftovers to throw to them to make up for their feelings of disappointment. Smile!

Have a happy day! Feel free to share your home office stories or cirtter stories, whether real or imagined. My other readers and I would love to read them.

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