Saturday, October 30, 2010

Computer Desk Woes with a Happy Ending

I am being haunted by memories of a beautiful computer desk I had owned in the past. Since moving back to Tennessee in 1982, I have lived in three locations in Kingsport, Tennessee; two locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee; one location in Knoxville, Tennessee; and now a log cabin in the country in Mosheim, Tennessee. As you probably have guessed, I have gone through a lot of furniture in that time.

To back up a bit, when I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1995, I bought a beautiful computer desk set with white wood. It was gorgeous! I enjoyed using it in both the homes I had in Chattanooga and in the apartment I lived in for 11 ½ years while in Knoxville. During that Knoxville stretch, I met the man I am now married to. We became engaged; however, we maintained separate residences for nearly six years. Finally, we decided to tie the knot for real. I sold off most of my furniture through Craig’s List including that beautiful white computer desk set. Sigh! Then I moved in with my fiancé in the middle of November of 2008.

I was relegated to having to work on a very tiny computer desk in a compact room. So perhaps you can imagine my mixed emotions. I was thrilled to be living with the man I love; however, I was sad to have to scrunch up in a tiny work space. Believe it or not, I have three computers. I have a Macintosh that I’ve had for many years that does not have internet access. That probably gives you an idea of how very old that computer is. It got put on the computer desk that he already owned. Then we bought another computer desk that was identical to it to house my desktop PC. We put that in a room that doubled as my office, my dressing room, and as a guest room. That room is quite tiny. It has a built-in bed and two built-in dressers. Mice and wooly caterpillars have made their residences in the dressers through the chinks in the log cabin. I actually have to keep my clothes in plastic containers in those two chest of drawers to keep them from being eaten up.

I use my lap top on a little tiny table in the den. That room is quite tiny as well. I do most of my work on that lap top.

Oh, another challenge to the guest room office is that the room slopes. When you sit in the computer chair, you actually slide away from the desk and have to almost climb a little hill to get positioned in front of the computer desk.

Now comes the good news. Some friends of ours are handymen. They have decided to tear out the floor boards in that room and put in a new level floor. As a result, they will tear out that built-in bed and the two built-in dressers. As a result, I will have the fun of re-doing the entire room to suit my fancy rather than having to be stuck with a room the way it is. I cannot tell you how exciting that is to me.

I want to buy two new chest of drawers that will be safe from mice. I want to buy some bookshelves. And I want to buy a small computer desk so that I can actually have all three computers in one location. Each computer has different packages and files on it, so I still need all three computers.

Now, comes another haunting memory. If I had had any clue that this would ever happen, I had a beautiful dining room table that would have made a perfect desk for me with room to spare. I also had bookshelves galore that I sold off. I also sold off chest of drawers belonging to me and to my in-laws in their now vacant house. My father-in-law suddenly passed three weeks after I moved in and my mother-in-law was already living in a nursing home due to her health needs that required such a move. We delayed our wedding date to deal with all those details surrounding his passing. Then little by little, we sold their furniture to help pay off some expenses for my mother-in-law. It’s all rather complicated. Some of the furniture that we sold for them would also have been ideal. Oh, well!

Of course, that does leave me with the rather fun prospect of buying brand new furniture from a reputable dealer who I trust. That part will be quite enjoyable!

By the way, the dining room table in the picture is not exactly like the one I sold off; however, it is fairly similar. It would have made a perfect computer desk for a lap top. Sigh!

So now comes the fun part of locating the perfect replacement furniture and setting up that room exactly the way that will delight my soul and impress my eyes. Then, I will have a much easier time conducting the business part of my freelance storytelling business and my freelance writing activities. So this story truly will have a very happy ending.

Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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