Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wouldn’t flowers celebrating the Twilight series plus Valentine’s Day be a romantic gift?

As most people are aware, Valentine’s Day is coming up right around the corner. So now it is to the advantage of one member of a partnership or both members of that partnership to come up with the ideal Valentine’s Day memento to celebrate the occasion. Naturally, some husbands or partners can get away with giving a sweet, sentimental card. Some can get away with giving a box of candy. Interestingly enough, I just stepped into the other room and saw a commercial about a guy presenting flowers from 1800flowers to his wife or girlfriend. She is sobbing away. He is a little worried. She praises him for making her feel all warm and fuzzy. So, I guess you get the point that flowers could make a very great gift to someone you love.

Now take that one step further. Does the person you love also love and enjoy the Twilight book and movie series by Stephenie Meyer? I must admit that I have watched both movies plus read the four-book series twice through already. I was very excited to learn that the author is considering publishing a fifth book on the subject – this time from the point-of-view of Edward. She has even posted a draft of the first chapter for her readers to enjoy on her website. I’ll include the link to that website in the resource section.

Then I discover that 1800 flowers actually has a Twilight flowers DVD offer that includes roses, a pre-order of the New Moon DVD, Twilight candy bar, and Twilight poster. That could be a really romantic gift for those people in your life who wish to be remembered on Valentine’s Day and who is a great fan of the Twilight Series.

As for ordering flowers from 1800, MSNBC actually highlighted them as the company who are listed with the best price per item ordered. Nicer yet, the company has agreed to send $2 to the Haiti relief effort for every Twilight gift bundle ordered.

Midnight Sun: Edward's Version of Twilight

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