Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 New Storytelling YouTube Shows by Professional Storyteller Debbie Dunn

Professional Storyteller Debbie Dunn recently told stories at a nursing home in Greeneville, Tennessee. The five stories I told are now available to be viewed on YouTube. You can easily see my storytelling style in these shows. Feel free to share this with any others who you think might be interested.

First story performed was Richard Chase’s tale called “Jack and the King’s Girl.”

Second story performed was a true story. It really happened in Oak Ridge, Tennessee many years ago to the grandmother of a 5th-grade girl I met. To protect her grandmother’s privacy, I transformed it into a Jack tale. It is called “Jack and the Bull.”

Third story performed was Nancy Van Laan’s beautiful Lenape Indian legend called “Rainbow Crow.” Out of all the stories I tell, this is my husband’s favorite.

The fourth story performed was the short tale by Opalanga Pugh, a griot of the old African stories. It is called “The Mouse Mother.”

The last story performed as Cynthia Watt’s beautiful, inspirational story called “Parable of the Eagle.”

I hope you enjoy them!

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