Thursday, April 30, 2009

Improve Your Teacher-Student Interactions

Improve Your Teacher-Student Interactions

Do you have some students who frequently misbehave? Do you want to improve your interactions with those students? This story demonstrates that you simply need to change the radio frequency you are broadcasting and to alter the way you dance with them.

Click TEACHER’S TIPS to read the full article on by the School Conflict Resolution Examiner - Debbie Dunn.

More About The Author:

In addition to being a Professional Storyteller & Published Author, Debbie Dunn is a Conflict Resolution Specialist. For five years (1998 to 2003) at an East Tennessee middle school, Debbie taught Conflict Resolution techniques, Character Education strategies, and Public Speaking. The class was called Communication Skills. This story is part of the staff development follow-up workshop she created to accompany her curriculum called 3 C's: Conflict Resolution, Character Education, & Communication Skills. To print off this story in role-play form, please click on the following link: Click HERE to download and print.

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